Positive Psychology

Introduction to Positive Psychology

This article is a basic introduction to Positive Psychology.

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2013 Conference Video: Self Determination

Dr. Richard Ryan presents on the topic of Self Determination at the 2013 Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare Conference.

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2014 Conference Video: Beethoven's Deafness: Emotional Crisis and Artistic Triumph

Richard Kogan's closing keynote at the 2014 Coaching in Health and Leadership Conference titled, "Beethoven's Deafness: Emotional Crisis and Artistic Triumph".

2014 Conference Video: The Power of Truth with Yael Farber

This empowering and inspiring talk by Yael Farber explores the pursuit of truth through theater.

2014 Conference Video: Translation Panel of Using Tools and Techniques in Coaching with Steve Hayes PhD and Dan Goleman PhD

2014 Conference Video: Translation Panel  with Dan Goleman, PhD, Steve Hayes, PhD, Carol Kauffman PhD, Margaret Moore, MBA discussing cases, tools and techniques for coaching.

2014 Conference Video: Psychological Flexibility in Coaching with Steven Hayes PhD and Todd Kashdan PhD

Cognitive, emotional, and behavioral flexibility is a key to success in almost every area of life.  This workshop shows how coaches, trainers, and consultants can use acceptance, mindfulness, and values-based training drawn from Acceptance and Commitment Training and from positive psychology to create greater psychological agility so as to ...

2014 Conference Video: Optimizing Social Relationships in Coaching with Todd Kashdan PhD

In his talk at the 2014 Conference, Todd Kashdan reveals how curiosity, meaning, and purpose and psychology flexibility are critical for a well lived life.  Todd is a Professor of Psychology and Senior Scientist at the Center for Consciousness and Transformation at George Mason University....

2014 Conference Video: Flexible Minds, Hearts, and Hands: How to Empower Leaders, Workers, and Lives with Steven Hayes PhD

Steven Hayes uses his research and stories to inpire and inform on How to Empower Leaders, Workers, and Lives.

EARTH of Well-Being System: A pilot study of an Information and Communication Technology-based positive psychology intervention

The positive technology field combines the objectives of positive psychology with enhancements from information and communication technologies....

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Appreciation of beauty training: A web-based intervention

This study presents qualitative findings from a three-week web-based intervention of appreciation of beauty....

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