Positive Psychology

Development and evaluation of the positive psychology intervention for older adults

Although research suggests that positive psychology intervention can enhance subjective well-being and reduce depression its effectiveness on older adults remains largely unknown. Therefore the present study aimed to develop and evaluate a custom-tailored positive psychology intervention program for older adults....

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Profit from the Positive: Proven Leadership Strategies to Boost Productivity and Transform Your Business

The IOC is pleased to share books authored by our Fellows and Sponsors. “Profit from the Positive is a rare business book that is deeply credible and compels you to act right away. If you put its tools and techniques into practice you will become a better leader.” Tom Rath from the Foreword...

Does coaching work? A meta-analysis on the effects of coaching on individual level outcomes in an organizational context

Whereas coaching is very popular as a management tool research on coaching effectiveness is lagging behind. Moreover the studies on coaching that are currently available have focused on a large variety of processes and outcome measures and generally lack a firm theoretical foundation....

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Book Review: Choosing to live happily or unhappily

A Book Review of Choosing to live happily or unhappily

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Book Review: Positive communication in health and wellness

A Book Review of Positive Communication in heatlh and wellness

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Positive organizational behavior and safety in the offshore oil industry: Exploring the determinants of positive safety climate

Much research has now documented the substantial influence of safety climate on a range of important outcomes in safety critical organizations but there has been scant attention to the question of what factors might be responsible for positive or negative safety climate....

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Positive psychology in search for meaning: An Introduction

The concept of meaning is not new in psychology. It is at home both in everyday speech and in academic discourse; both in fundamental and applied research, in ‘depth’ (Freudian and post-Freudian) and ‘height’ (Vygotskian and post-Vygotskian, as well as existentialist) approaches, both in the rigorous academic and flexible humanistic paradigm....

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An exploration of the well-being benefits of hedonic and eudaimonic behaviour

Hedonia and eudaimonia have both been proposed as pathways to well-being. Past research in this area has predominantly focused on global cognitive evaluations of how one typically lives....

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Relations of religiosity and spirituality with depressive symptoms in primary care adults: Evidence for hope agency and pathway as mediators

This study examined hope agency and pathway as potential mediators of the associations of religiosity and spirituality with depressive symptoms in an adult sample of 101 primary care adults....

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The affective personality sleep and autobiographical memories

Patterns of affect sleep and autobiographical memories seem related but there are no studies we know of to verify the notion. The purpose of this research is to investigate interrelationships’ between profiles of affect sleep and autobiographical memories. A cross-sectional design is employed....

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