Webinar: Recognizing and Addressing Trauma When Coaching Clients

We live in a world in which it is impossible to escape exposure to trauma. We watch as trauma plays out across the world stage with wars and the global pandemic. We see it in acts of racial violence and oppression....

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Meyler Campbell Webinar: Intro to Trauma for Coaches

Carol Kauffman explains understanding and misunderstanding PTSD, how it's different from Post-Traumatic Growth and the pathway for helping coaching clients become stronger from experienced trauma. Hosted by Meyler Campbell...

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Assessing meaning and meaning making in the context of stressful life events: Measurement tools and approaches

Theory and research on meaning has proliferated in recent years focusing on both global meaning and processes of making meaning from difficult life events such as trauma and serious illness. However the measurement of meaning constructs lags behind theoretical conceptualizations hindering empirical progress....

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