Webinar: Leading From Anywhere: Coaching Leaders Of Remote Teams

It’s undeniable that we’re entering a new era of remote work. While many leaders seek to run business as usual, why settle for the usual when remote teams allow us to work even better?...

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Webinar: Paul Zak on the Neuroscience of Connection and Persuasion

In this highly interactive talk neuroscience and management expert Paul Zak will discuss the brain mechanisms through which people affiliate and influence each other.

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Webinar: Coaching for Parents of Children with Type 1 Diabetes: A Randomized Controlled Trial

For this webinar, the team of coaches and diabetes specialists will present the study rationale, new data, and conclusions from the first study to examine the impact of coaching for parents of children with type 1 diabetes....

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Webinar: Buffering Against Burnout

It is more important than ever to learn how to identify burnout and especially, how to buffer against it. Drawing from her deep knowledge of human behavior, Stanford University-trained psychologist and Board Certified Leadership Coach, Dr. Jacinta M....

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Webinar: Silenced and Sidelined: Finding Voice in Troubling Times

This highly interactive webinar covers the phenomenon of "silencing" in the executive suite — highlighting key original research findings; Dr. Carrie Arnold will review strategies successful people have used to recover and lead with voice currency....

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Webinar: The New Scientific Understanding of Emotions

In this talk, we’ll explore a series of experiments about emotion whose conclusions seem to defy common sense. We’ll learn that common sense is wrong, and has been for 2000 years....

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Webinar: Permission to Feel: Strategies for Healthy Emotion Regulation During Uncertain Times

How are you feeling? Have you been riding a roller coaster of emotions lately? A blend of anxiety, stress, and frustration?  You aren’t alone. In this live presentation, Dr....

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Webinar: Coaching with Science in Mind: How to Bring Evidence-based Research into Your Practice

Coaching is a practice that is quite young. It is crucial to ground a new science in research-based methodologies. This allows us, as coaches to know what is working and why it is working....

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Webinar: Special Tribute to Anthony Grant: A Review of the Contribution of the Coaching Psychology Unit at Sydney University

The world’s first Coaching Psychology Unit was established by Anthony Grant and Michael Cavanagh at the University of Sydney in 2000. The Coaching Psychology Unit remains a leading institution in coaching research, education and practice to this day....

Webinar: Coaching Effective Communication: Strategies for Disruptive Times

Even in the best of times, communication can be challenging. When normal circumstances are disrupted, the process of understanding and being understood becomes even more complex....

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