Webinar: What’s (y)ours to do within the context of climate and ecological crisis?

Join the co-founders of the global Climate Coaching Alliance (CCA), Eve Turner, Dr Alison Whybrow and Dr Josie McLean, to discuss how coaching is evolving within the context of large social and environmental issues we are confronting. You will hear how the CCA is developing – it is now over 1000 members in just 12 months of existence....

Webinar: Top Three Ways Clients Get in Their Own Way

We’ve created this interactive experiential course to increase our understanding of the most common patterns our clients bring to coaching so we can guide them to a more conscious relationship with themselves, others and the world.

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Webinar: Difficult Coaching Clients and the Power of Mindfulness

In this webinar, IOC Harnisch Research Grant recipient Dr. Sandra Diller presents current research on coaching difficult clients. Her research includes studies on overall difficulties with client personalities and clients with high dark triad tendencies....

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Webinar: How You Should Measure the ROI of Coaching

The benefits of coaching for both the individual and the organization are well researched and documented, but it still proves to be difficult to talk about the direct return on investment (ROI) of coaching for an organization....

Webinar: Chief Diversity Officer: Individual Coach and Organization Change Agent

Carol Kauffman and ...

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Webinar: The Adaptability Quotient: How to Empower Clients to Use Stress for Positive Change

Everyone has stress on their brains (and bodies) these days, and as a coach it’s critical that you understand how to facilitate the use of stress in ways that are helpful instead of harmful. Neuroscience research demonstrates that our brain and nervous system can adapt in both positive and negative ways to stress....

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Webinar: Becoming Recognized for Your Coaching Expertise

You're great at what you do - and now it's time to ensure even more people recognize it....

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Webinar: Coaching from the Inside Out: How Internal Family Systems Can Deepen Your Work

The Internal Family Systems model is an extremely popular form of psychotherapy that is increasingly being applied to coaching. Using it, coaches help clients quickly access a state called the Self which is characterized by qualities like calm, clarity, curiosity, and compassion....

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Webinar: Unleashing the Power of Liminal Space

In this highly interactive discussion, Rick Simmons, CEO, the telos institute, will provide coaches the framework to work with clients and leaders to help them realize the incredible potential of these uncertain times.  At Telos, we use the term “liminal space” to define periods of discontinuity that create an openness to change, much like ...

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Webinar: Leading From Anywhere: Coaching Leaders Of Remote Teams

It’s undeniable that we’re entering a new era of remote work. While many leaders seek to run business as usual, why settle for the usual when remote teams allow us to work even better?...

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