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2014 February Coaching Report

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2014 February Coaching Report

This month our member Master Class focuses on “coaching the addicted mind.” 58% of adults report being addicted to our smartphones (68% of ages 25-34!), and many workplaces are a sea of distracted, multitasking, addicted (email/texting, sugar, or work) minds. There is no small need for new coaching techniques, including coaching ourselves. How do you know if you are distracted or addicted to technology?

  • Have to respond immediately
  • Are not paying attention to other people
  • Feel restless when you are away from your inbox or phone
  • Stay online longer than intended
  • Use to escape negative emotions
  • Ability to focus is impaired

Together, let’s get shift our minds to a calm, uncluttered, focused, agile, creative, and organized state so we can help our clients do the same. For more on how to use your brain well, stay tuned – Dan Goleman is returning to our conference in September to present on his new bestselling book: Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence.



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