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2016 December Coaching Report

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2016 December Coaching Report

As we move to the end of what has been a tumultuous year in so many parts of the world, and transition to 2017, we have an opportunity to take stock. Indeed, one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves and, by extension, our clients is to turn inwards and ask important questions about our role and our effectiveness. These might include:

  • How do our own emotional skills impact our ability to understand our clients’ emotions?
  • How does our bias toward solutions and goals hinder important exploration?
  • Are we extending the same level of self-compassion and self-care that we are encouraging in our clients?
  • Are our clients feeling truly seen?
  • Are we truly seeing ourselves – our own needs, values and ways forward?

This month’s webinar by Tatiana Bachkirova offered a unique perspective on this theme. She explored how your understanding of the ‘self’ both enables and hinders your coaching practice. If you missed the live webinar, you can see the summary and video here.

In closing out the year, we want to thank you for the support and spirit that you brought to your work, and to us. We look forward to continuing to serve you in 2017.

With warmth,

Susan David, Ph.D., Co-founder

The Illusion of Moral Superiority Ben M. Tappin and Ryan T. McKay

In keeping with the theme of self-reflection, and particularly after what have been divisive election cycles across the world, this study is an important reminder on our tendency to judge others as less moral than ourselves. Our clients often bring with them perceptions of the failings of others (e.g. bosses and loved ones), and our ability to facilitate healthy perspective taking is a vital.

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