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2017 April Coaching Report

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2017 April Coaching Report

It’s important to understand HOW we work, as human beings and as coaches.

This month we look at the “how” of life. In our webinar with IOC co-founder, Susan David, she shares how we approach and process emotions is core to our development, performance and life satisfaction. Susan looks at what our relationship is with our emotions, and how to become emotionally agile. Her work not only makes us better coaches, but better people. We are delighted with her work and her generosity in sharing her approach with us.

Our Research You Want to Know section will offer some key insights on how coaching is most effective. Knowing this will up your practice. It will also help you market your work more effectively. Our goal is to help empower you to be a great coach, and, to help you bring more coaching to the world.

To support you, we share the latest research. We also have many interviews with key thought leaders, such as Richard Boyatzis, PhD, who inspired this month’s research topic. Visit our website to see more Boyatzis’ resources: interviews/talks, books, presentations and MasterClasses

Carol Kauffman, PhD
Executive Director, Institute of Coaching

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