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2018 March Coaching Report

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2018 March Coaching Report
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As coaches we frequently help our clients grapple with issues of competence versus challenge. Human beings have an inherent need for competence: the two-year-old who wants to tie his shoelaces 'by myself'; the client who wants to develop new skills as they relate to a career or health. But after a while, competence leads to complacency and, with its lack of growth, a risk of disengagement and poor well-being. At the same time, too much challenge – feeling thrown in at the deep end at work or taking on goals that are too lofty – can inhibit our ability to be creative, appropriately responsive, and to thrive.
We can benefit enormously by asking ourselves these questions:
  • Am I supporting my clients to grow at the edge of their ability – the zone in which they are neither over-competent nor over-challenged? Am I operating at the edge of my ability in  my work and relationships?
  • Where there are specific areas of over-competence (emotionally, relationally, professionally or in health) how can I encourage a courageous expansion and movement to growth?
  • Where there are specific areas of over-challenge, how can I help the client to manage this, e.g., by enlisting the support of others or by breaking down or phasing growth tasks?
I hope you find value in the books, webinars and other resources that I’ve recommended as you navigate growth with your clients.
With warmth,
Susan David

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