Book Review: Diversity in coaching: working with gender culture race and age

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Book Review: Diversity in coaching: working with gender culture race and age
Coaching Jounral

Summary -- First Edition

The importance of acknowledging diversity is increasingly recognized in our globalized world and most particularly in the business and corporate environments. However the coach practitioner needs to become aware of and manage their own responses to questions of diversity before they can even begin to coach a client on similar issues.

People assume 'diversity' is only about gender or race but diversity is also about culture heritage tradition faith language education experience and cuisine to name but a few factors. So diversity is about difference but it is also about the assumptions we make about difference between individuals and groups. In addition any form of power exacerbates difference influencing how we perceive and react to behavior. This is true in any area of life and nowhere more so than in the business context due to the hierarchical nature of organizational systems.

Summary -- Second Edition (from the publisher)

Published with the Association for Coaching, Diversity in Coaching explores the impact and implication of difference in coaching. The book looks at how coaches can respond to issues of gender, generational, cultural, national and racial difference. Understanding how diversity impacts upon coaching is a crucial element to coaching effectively in today's diverse society and can give coaches the edge when responding to their coachees need.

Written by an international team of coaching professionals, the book provides guidance on understanding diversity and how coaches can adapt coaching styles and techniques to meet individual needs, local demands and cultural preferences. It explores the impact and implication of difference in coaching, providing practical information to help coaches respond effectively to issues of diversity.

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Coaching: An International Journal of Theory, Research and Practice Vol. 4, No. 1, March 2011, 55 61

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