Business Coaching: Achieving Practical Results Through Effective Engagement

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Business Coaching: Achieving Practical Results Through Effective Engagement

The aim of this book is primarily to enable those wanting to invest in coaching to be able to do so in the most effective way whether they are doing this as an organisation or as an individual. It illustrates the impact coaching can have and identifies changes in leadership and management demands and expectations. We consider what a coachee gets out of coaching, different formats for coaching and its potential value at Board level, including for the Chief Executive Officer, and for other individuals or groups such as new recruits or those who have just been promoted. We look at the difference between coaching and mentoring and the potential benefits that both can have, especially in combination. We look at how coaching programmes can be introduced effectively and how a leader might introduce coaching in their organisation. We address the international dimension with many organisations looking to ensure that leadership is based on similar values throughout its global reach. This book is unashamedly about business coaching. Quality coaching engagement will impact into an individual's wider life priorities and use of time and energy. But the effective delivery of business priorities has to be at the basis of introducing business coaching. Chapter headings: * Effective Engagement * The Impact Coaching Can Have * Coaching in Context: Changes in Leadership and Management Demands and Expectations * What Makes a Good Coach * What a Coachee Gets Out of Engaging with Coaching * Different Formats for Coaching * Coaching and the Chief Executive * Different Focuses of Individual Coaching * The Difference Between Coaching and Mentoring * Meeting Business Priorities * Introducing Coaching Programmes in a Whole Organisation * Running Coaching in Your Organisation * The International Dimension

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