From coach to coach supervisor a shift in mind-set

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From coach to coach supervisor a shift in mind-set
Coaching and Mentoring Journal

Coaching supervision is a relatively recent development, but already competency frameworks and content and process models exist. What does not yet exist is an articulation of coach supervisors’ attitudes, and how these drive delivery and influence how relationships are managed. In this article, based on current literature and my experience as a practitioner, I propose a rudimentary framework, articulating seven principles of a coaching supervision mind-set. The discussion considers the validity of the framework and looks at some potential criticisms, before exploring how the principles might be useful for practitioners. Discussion highlights the need for further articulation, peer review and evaluation. The article ends with a call to action, seeking participants for an Action Research project. 

International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring, Vol 15, No 1 pp. 11-23

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