Coaching Reports

Orange bridge over a turbulent River
Building Bridges

If you look closely at the Institute of Coaching (IOC) logo you will notice a bridge. The IOC was created to be a bridge - connecting good science to coaching practice, and connecting like-minded...

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13th Annual Conference: Sculpting Our Future Together
Meet our Extraordinary Conference Speakers on September 23, 24, 25

We invite all coaches, and everyone interested in coaching, to join our annual conference from home this year – saving you time...

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Growing the Coaching Community

If you are a member of the IOC, you know that we have many resources, discussion groups, webinars, and events each month. We have many ways for coaches to access scientifically validated learning...

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Coaching for the Greater Good

Coaching falls under the umbrella of helping careers. Coaches assist their clients in broadening their worldview, developing self-confidence and inner peace, caring for their well-being, and...

Illustration of Two arms and hands reaching from opposite sides with fingers almost touching
The Art and Science of Helping People

While there are diverse coaching modalities and specialties, what binds all coaches together is our heartfelt desire to help people develop, grow, and live better lives. Our...

White flowers blooming out of the snow
A Time for Growth

In the northern hemisphere, spring is melting snow and growing leaf and flower buds. A sense of new life is palpable. In years past, human lives followed seasonal patterns closely. Winter was a...

Woman Assembling Herself With Puzzle Pieces - Cartoon Character
The Many Parts of Ourselves
The Many Parts of Ourselves

Many of us as children were given the advice “just be yourself”. This advice was well-intentioned but somewhat misleading. Since the self is multi-faceted and...

One climber offering a hand to another on top of a mountain with more mountains in the background
A Habit of Trust
A Habit of Trust

We know trust is crucial in establishing deep connectivity within countries, companies, and teams that function well. Additionally, trust feels good: it increases our sense of...

Sparklers against a city background

As we start a new year we naturally turn to pondering our goals. 2021 goals seem even more significant considering the global crises presented by 2020. As we look a hopeful new date: January 1,...

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The Culture Between Us

As emotions are generated deep in the brain, the emotional experience feels personal. Emotions are...