CoachX: Tips on How to Coach the Global Nomadic Leader

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CoachX: Tips on How to Coach the Global Nomadic Leader

Did you know that 40 percent of global leaders assigned to new positions or overseas posts fail after 18 months? Derailment costs companies at least 10 times these global leaders’ expensive annual salaries. Such failure demoralizes employees and jeopardizes relationships with business partners, customers and other stakeholders. A coach can avoid these consequences by distinguishing an expatriate with one cultural identity from one who identifies with multiple cultural identities. The latter are known as Global Nomadic Leaders (GNLs) and they have different anchors than the expatriate with only one cultural identity.

This podcast gives tips on how to coach GNLs to leverage their attributes of adaptability. It also underpins the important of coaching global nomadic leaders through their sense of grief and rootlessness. To coach these profiles appropriately, the coach needs to distinguish between the global nomadic leader’s desire to avoid boredom or a desire to avoid a painful situation or an internalized rhythm of migration.

(Taken from my manuscript: When the Visionary is Blinded: Coaching Global Nomadic Leadership in Transitions).

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