Flourishing: Achievement-related correlates of students' well-being.

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Flourishing: Achievement-related correlates of students' well-being.

Keyes (2005) operationalized flourishing as elevated emotional psychological and social well-being. The current study predicted that flourishing among undergraduate students (N = 397) would have adaptive cognitive and behavioral achievement-related correlates. Results showed that students classified as flourishing (21.4% of the sample) relative to those classified as moderately mentally healthy (59.4%) or as languishing (19.1%) were less likely to adopt an entity view of ability or to procrastinate and were more likely to endorse mastery-approach goals to report high self-control and to report high grades. Results are cast in terms of possible accounts of the relationship between well-being and achievement-related functioning.

The Journal of Positive Psychology Vol. 4, No. 1, January 2009, 1–13

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