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CoachX: David Drake on My Turn to Serve Tea: Mindfulness In Motion

David Drake describes how attachment theory, narrative coaching and mindfulness can be applied in coaching, using as a context his own client-coaching story.

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Narrative Coaching: Bringing Our New Stories to Life

For the first time ever, everything you need to know about how to work with people's stories in coaching is in one place! In this inspiring and groundbreaking book, you will:...

Coaching for career capital development: a study of expatriates’ narratives

This study explores, through stories, how coaching supports the development of expatriates’ career capital; it is the first empirical investigation in this area. A narrative analysis was conducted to explore semi-structured interviews....

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CoachX: Alan Graham on Resilience

Alan Graham discusses resilience and the stories we tell ourselves. 

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CoachX: Matthias Ehrhardt on Narrative Based Coaching

Matthias Ehrhardt discusses narrative-based coaching and the importance of stories. 

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Positive Identities: Narrative Practices and Positive Psychology

It is sometimes said that humans are story-telling creatures. We love films and novels, enjoy reminiscing about the good times, report stories of our workday, entertain our children with tales, and occasionally gossip. Stories are how we make sense of the day, of the world and--ultimately-- of ourselves. Positive psychology expert Dr....

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Story Matters: An Inquiry into the Role of Narrative in Coaching

This study explores how coaches understand the concept of narrative and work with it in their practice. Six coaches were interviewed using a method of narrative inquiry....

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