MasterClass: The Corporate Athlete

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MasterClass: The Corporate Athlete

Throughout this MasterClass, you will hear, see, and read as Dr. Jim Loehr discusses how executive coaching has the potential to impact the health and well-being of corporate America and the strategies he has successfully employed at Johnson & Johnson’s Human Performance Institute.

Dr. Loehr, founder of Johnson and Johnson’s Human Performance Institute, is dedicated to “helping leaders expand their energy and perform at their personal best”. Our “human energy crisis” is driven by ever-growing demands on our time, our bodies, and our attention leading to loss of focus, disengagement, fatigue, and vulnerability to stress. Recognizing that executive coaching is a promising strategy to influence overall health and well-being, Johnson & Johnson's believes they must get leaders to understand the critical role health plays in leadership. If they can get business leaders and executives to embrace health, it would impact those working for and around them and could be truly transformative. This approach has the potential to influence massive corporations, small businesses, and communities.

As executive coaches it is important to connect two worlds that are presently not well connected, executive performance with healthcare and health concepts. Dr. Loehr believes most business leaders think of health as only physical and executive coaching as being only about performance. This fragmented outlook does not connect the impact of health on performance. A coach can help make the connection between these two.

Watch as Jim Loehr discusses "the power of story":

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