MasterClass: Tapping Your Creative Brainsets with Shelly Carson PhD

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MasterClass: Tapping Your Creative Brainsets with Shelly Carson PhD

Virtually all aspects of life in this rapid-change climate of the 21st century require creative responses. Enhancing clients’ natural creative abilities is an important goal in coaching, and coaching itself requires creativity. This MasterClass introduces ways you can use the results of neuroscience research to improve your clients’ – and your own! - natural creativity. Brain imaging studies have shown that highly creative people employ different brain activation states (or “brainsets”) during specific stages of the creative process. By learning to mimic these brain activation states, to move flexibly between them, and to enter them at the right time, you can increase your ability to generate and implement creative ideas. In this session we will cover:

  • Why creativity is so important
  • The basic stages of the creative process
  • The difference between deliberate and spontaneous idea generation
  • The CREATES Brainsets Model
  • Four Brainsets that are essential to coaching
  • Tips for enhancing creativity

Watch the video clip below of Shelly Carson as she discusses brainsets:


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