Mini-MasterClass: Coaching Essentials: Chemistry Meeting - Part II

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Mini-MasterClass: Coaching Essentials: Chemistry Meeting - Part II

We often meet with a client before deciding whether to proceed forward. At times this is to allow the client to choose who, as a coach, is best for them. The chemistry meetings described here are for a executive coaching engagements. However, the concepts are equally useful and applicable for life and health coaches. 

We offers you a detailed list of 11 agenda items for a first meeting as well as an extensive Coaching Chemistry Checksheet (under Related Resources at the bottom of the page). Decide for yourself which items are useful. There is also a wide range of approaches to initial sessions. David Peterson, for example, has the one sentence beginning, "How can I be of most service to you right now." Whether your strengths are structured or emergent, these items are useful for thinking about or planning a session.

This MasterClass is the second in our Coaching Essentials series. To learn more, please see Mini-MasterClass: Coaching Essentials: Client Engagement - Part I.

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