Multitasking - A Medical and Mental Hazard

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Multitasking - A Medical and Mental Hazard

Articles on Multitasking

Many view their multitasking prowess as a strength wearing it proudly as a badge of honor. Sadly the brain’s attentional software is not capable of focusing on more than one thing at a time. What lifts us above our frenzy in the trees to the calm of seeing the whole forest is our deft command of the full spotlight of the brain`s attention all of the brain`s resources top down right left back and front. Focusing the full beam on one task at a time not scattering and splattering it all over a day of multi-tasking leaving us depleted and unsatisfied. When our minds are organized productive and creative we rise to the big picture.

Harvard Health: Multitasking - A Medical and Mental Hazard – This is your brain on multitasking

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