A New Role for Coaching: "Midwife for Midlife Wisdom"

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A New Role for Coaching: "Midwife for Midlife Wisdom"
Conference 2024 . Harvard medical school, mclean and institute of coaching

What if midlife isn't a crisis, but a chrysalis, a time for radical transformation? That's one of the questions NY Times bestseller author and MEA founder and CEO Chip Conley asks in his new book, “Learning to Love Midlife: 12 Reasons Why Life Gets Better With Age." Chip's midlife wisdom school, MEA, and book are meant to be a PSA to the unexpected pleasures and joys of midlife.

On average, we’re becoming wiser, less reactive, more generous, and happier as we get older. Our life has gained a rich patina. Coaches have the capacity to midwife their midlife clients through this deeply transformative era of their life, but there haven't been enough schools and tools for this life stage. Like a midwife, a coach doesn’t have to be called in for the dramatic moments, just at the exciting time of birth, but can support the whole person throughout the entire process. In this expansive and expanding role for coaches, they too need tools, self-awareness and the presence to be truly available with clients during what can be a challenging transition. In this engaging review of the research into midlife, an emergent time of possibility and creativity, Chip will offer guidance for coaches to source their own inner wisdom--to move beyond competency to mastery--in their commitment to manifest the fullest potential of their clients--and themselves.

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