Silouette of a man bent over and catching his breath

October 2020 Coaching Report

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October 2020 Coaching Report
Silouette of a man bent over and catching his breath

Coping with Pandemic Fatigue

As we near the end of 2020, normalcy remains elusive. After so many months of instability, many are feeling the strain of the pandemic. Recently, this has been addressed as ‘Pandemic Fatigue.’ Much of the hope and unity that allowed us to overcome the early challenges this year have given way to emotional exhaustion.

With constantly shifting challenges, the science of emotions offers genuine hope – several paths through a tough emotional landscape. Even when circumstances restrict us, intentional processing and regulation of emotions can improve our ability to navigate the outside world.

Fortunately, we are bringing to you the wonderful work of two world-leading emotion scientists, authors, and teachers - Marc Brackett and Lisa Feldman Barrett. Their webinars in November and December will build on their 2019 conference talks, and refresh and upgrade your skills for navigating difficult emotions.

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