Pinpointing Excellence: The Key to Finding a Quality Executive Coach

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Pinpointing Excellence: The Key to Finding a Quality Executive Coach
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Executive coaching is now a multi-billion dollar 30+ year old global industry. Strangely – and unlike dozens of other professions we count on every day this industry has never set a single entrance requirement for practicing as an executive coach. Incredible but true – there are no enforceable standards for training formal education experience continuous learning certification licensure service quality or consumer protection. The Harvard Business Review calls this dangerous buyer beware situation “The Wild West of Executive Coaching”.


The book’s reception is gratifying and appreciated. Readers are posting reviews on and similar sites and at The goal is to arm consumers and coaches – for the first time – with a practical thorough and discriminating process for evaluating grading ranking and choosing the best executive coach for their particular needs. The book is intentionally short lean and designed to be applied. The recommended 2-step selection process incorporates both hard data and subjective intangible information. For instance it assesses coaches in 4 areas: business psychology coaching and ethics. 8 appendices are included to help readers get started quickly. The payoff – significantly more informed and accurate coaching decisions with less risk and higher ROI.

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