Rigorous Implementation of Behavior Changes

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Rigorous Implementation of Behavior Changes

Everyone knows the situation: You plan something important, but you don't rigorously implement and sustain necessary changes required for it to succeed. The following guidelines will help alter that phenomenon with lasting effect.  
Using these guidelines will enable you to implement changes to fixed behavior habits that are hard to influence as they are activated unconsciously. These guidelines for brief coaching interventions have proven effective in sustaining changes over both short and long term time periods. 
Additionally, failures in implementation due to lack of motivation can be overcome immediately through the use of telephone coaching following the initial implementation attempts. Later, clients can use their smartphones to quickly assess how rigorously they have succeeded in implementing the changes, inform their coaches either via SMS or WhatsApp, or if needed request a phone call interaction for additional coaching support. 
This combination of methods is based on current scientific findings on how to bridge the intention-action gap and helps clients achieve sustainable changes in their behavior. These methods promote self-motivation and strengthen one’s decision to implement the planned changes. In the end, clients increase their self-regulation abilities and eventually become able to implement their planned behavior goals without a coach. The main focus here is on individual behavioral changes, such as adhering to work or time schedules, and changing routine habits. For managing changes in work teams and organizations, a modified implementation procedure, which is described in the Guidelines Accompanying the Implementation of Complex Changes1 (in prep.), is necessary.

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