Taming The Abrasive Manager: How To End Unnecessary Roughness In The Workplace

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Taming The Abrasive Manager: How To End Unnecessary Roughness In The Workplace
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Do you manage someone who is abrasive? Work with someone who is abrasive? Work for someone who is abrasive? You are not alone. Research shows that at one time or another most of us will work over under or with an abrasive boss who is blind to the harm caused by his or her overly aggressive style.

Taming the Abrasive Manager is an ideal resource for managers human resource professionals coaches and anyone who works for or with an abrasive boss. Executive coach Dr. Laura Crawshaw—known as the "Boss Whisperer" for her work in this field—shares her discoveries on how to tame the deep fears that drive abrasive managers to attack their coworkers. In her straight-shooting style Crawshaw offers invaluable insights gained from her encounters with abrasive bosses in corporate jungles who aggressively defend against threats to their dominance in the high-risk business of survival. These insights combined with lessons learned from employees and organizations who have successfully reined in their unmanageable bosses provide realistic solutions that will improve the workplace for everyone.

Crawshaw's groundbreaking research explores why abrasive managers resort to interpersonal aggression with coworkers why they deny their destructive impact and what individuals and organizations can do to effectively get these bosses to back off and behave in a civilized manner. Exploding the myth that so-called "bully" bosses intentionally set out to harm employees Crawshaw discovered the exact opposite—lacking the ability to read other's emotions abrasive bosses are blind to the wounds they inflict. She also challenges the commonly-held belief that abrasive bosses can't change. The book offers hope through time-tested strategies for reclaiming even the most difficult managers to end unnecessary roughness at work.

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