Vertical Development 5: Mission-Able Development

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Vertical Development 5: Mission-Able Development

This article continues the conversation about Vertical Development with an exploration of what it takes to stay at it when the grade turns steep, the going gets tough, and the terrain becomes unfamiliar. Not unlike a long steep mountain climb, developing vertically requires motivation that comes from clarity about what you are after. Whether climbing to get to the top, enjoy the journey, or simply because its there, knowing what you are about makes the huffing, puffing, and boot blisters a lot easier to bear. 

Part of Jan Rybeck's Vertical Development series:
Vertical Development is about expanding and deepening our capacity to see, understand, empathize, and respond in a diversity of situations. As we grow and evolve in this way, our experience of self, others, and the world shifts, leading to new ways of doing and being, that in turn lead to other changes that we cannot always foresee.

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