Webinar: From Alpha to Beta: Coaching the Post-Heroic Leader (Resource)

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Webinar: From Alpha to Beta: Coaching the Post-Heroic Leader (Resource)

This session provides an overview of an assessment/coaching model designed to help coaches support leaders through the transformational shift from a traditional to a “post-heroic” stance on leadership. Current research will be reviewed on the cultural shift underway as millenials move into leadership roles and eschew traditional “alpha” (positional, hierarchical, autocratic) modalities in favor of “beta” approaches: adaptive, distributed, non-hierarchical, holocractic.  

Participants will learn:

  • How the latest scientific research bolsters the case for a post-heroic leadership model
  • How the rise of millenials in the managerial ranks is causing a fundamental re-evaluation of the qualities/competencies of leadership effectiveness 
  • How coaching is ideally suited as a primary intervention in support of the transformational and developmental path towards a post-heroic perspective. 

A post-heroic assessment model enables coaches to determine a leader’s current values/style/approach and provides an exploratory framework to identify risk factors that may inhibit self-inquiry and personal growth. Tips and best practices will be shared for creating a safe space for coaching that mitigates anxiety and fosters behavior change.

Presenter: Jeffrey Hull, PhD

About the presenter:

Jeffrey has served for over 20 years as an executive coach and consultant to hundreds of organizations across the U.S. and internationally, specializing in leadership development, organizational strategy, design and transformation. He is the Director of Education and Business Development at the Institute of Coaching, a Harvard Medical School affiliate, an instructor in psychology at Harvard Medical School, and adjunct professor of leadership at NYU-SPS.  Jeffrey is the best-selling author of SHIFT: Let Go of Fear and Get Your Life in Gear (Globe Pequot, 2010), writes for Harvard Business Review and speaks widely on a variety of leadership topics, including Coaching the Impossible Leader at the 2015 Harvard Medical School coaching conference and High Velocity Listening: Transformational Coaching when the Stakes are High at the 2015 International Leadership Association conference. 

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