Webinar: Coaching in Education: A Cornerstone for School Improvement

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Webinar: Coaching in Education: A Cornerstone for School Improvement



This webinar will feature three international leaders in the field of 'coaching in education'  - Dr Jim Knight, President, Instructional Coaching Group, Kansas, US; Dr Christian van Nieuwerburgh, Senior Lecturer, Coaching Psychology, University of East London, England and John Campbell, Managing Director, Growth Coaching International, Sydney, Australia.

The webinar will address:

  •    What is coaching in education
  •    Why coaching resonates with the educational community
  •    How coaching works in school contexts around the world 
  •    The difference coaching is making
  •    Future trends in coaching in education

There is probably no more important setting for good evidence-based coaching than in the field of education given the foundation role that education plays in our society. In recent years coaching has been enthusiastically embraced by educators in the US, UK and Australia with school and system leaders achieving impressive results through the application of coaching to a range of conversational contexts in school communities.

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