Coaching Executives to Lead Their Companies to Growth - Suzanne Bates Walter Jackson

Webinar: Coaching Executives to Lead Their Companies to Growth - What Qualities Really Matter?

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Webinar: Coaching Executives to Lead Their Companies to Growth - What Qualities Really Matter?

What makes leaders of high growth companies different?  Can you coach your executive clients to be good leaders and equipped to do the hard work of driving growth?  Often, our client organizations look to the hard-charging, action-oriented, results-driven manager to lead the way.  A rigorous new study has found compelling evidence that these qualities are just “table stakes.”  The surprising and encouraging news is that the human side of leadership—character and substance—is the real differentiator!  And, every leader can be coached to develop these attributes.

Our webinar, hosted by Jeff Hull, will explore the growth leadership question with Suzanne Bates, CEO, and Walter Jackson, Ph.D., Director of Global Partner Development and Executive Coach at Bates Communications.  Their firm developed the first science-based assessment of presence, now used in dozens of global companies and by coaches in 16 countries.  Bates mined data from 14,000 assessment surveys, comparing leaders of companies with 5% or above GDP growth, with those of -1% growth.  The startling results are a wake-up call to organizations in selecting, promoting and developing leaders who have the ability to lead their companies to thrive.

As coaches, we know how important it is to provide relevant guidance that helps our clients deliver results.  You’ll discover the rigorous analytics that reveal the vital importance of integrity, authenticity, composure and practical wisdom to leaders of growth companies.  You will walk away with practical insights and concrete examples you can share with your clients, including the “super” behaviors that truly distinguish growth leaders.  

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