Webinar: Coaching Without Models –The Simplicity of Mastery

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Webinar: Coaching Without Models –The Simplicity of Mastery
Coaching Without Models webinar Tony Latimore

Masterful coaching is a fully present, connected and in-the-moment experience. In this session Tony will explain how to create a deep subconscious to subconscious connection with your clients for perfect Presence and fast breakthrough.

This session addresses ICF Competencies 3-8; however the greatest learning and new insight coaches can expect from this will be going deeper into competencies 3. Establish Agreements, 5. Maintains Presence, 6. Listens Actively and 7. Evokes Awareness


  • Why models can be bad, and how they can be useful
  • How to create deep and fast breakthrough for clients
  • How to create a subconscious to subconscious connection
  • Coaching at the speed of thought

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