Webinar: How and Why (!) to Build a Coaching Culture

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Webinar: How and Why (!) to Build a Coaching Culture

Dealing with disruption is best served with coaching. Change is a constant in business today, but the quantity and pace of change that we are dealing with is unprecedented. Change matters, because it effects the culture, the people, and the organization's ability to succeed. But herein lies the challenge: There isn't a playbook or training program that addresses the complexity people are facing. Organizations need to shift their culture and the capabilities of their leaders and teams to adapt to a new reality. 

In order for coaches to support clients in dealing with relentless change, research suggests that we need to help them be coaches themselves…and build a culture of coaching. We will explore why successful coaches are coaching leaders to coach and how/why a coaching culture is the solution. We will share case studies and fresh research that supports the efficacy of creating coaching cultures in organizations.  

Presenter: Susan Pahl

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