Webinar: Showing Up: Courage, Presence and Power in Coaching Relationships

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Webinar: Showing Up: Courage, Presence and Power in Coaching Relationships
Showing up: Courage, Presence, and Power in Coaching Relationships - Eric Kaufmann

Reflect for a moment about times and situations in your coaching conversations when you hold back. Whoa, don’t read on. Reflect for a moment…

This isn’t the holding back that your mom drummed into you. You know, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything.” Or, “be polite to people.” Or, “use your inside voice.”  No, this isn’t being polite, or wise, or appropriate, but holding back because you’re anxious and scared; you’re protecting yourself and avoiding discomfort (loss of reputation, relationship, money, respect, authority, status).

Your clients want your empathy, and they also need your full presence. It’s imperative that you, as coach, “Show Up,” that you shine your authentic expression. It’s enlivening to you, and it’s a powerful demonstration to your client to shine in their own life. Being authentic, it turns out, isn’t a matter of some absolute, singular self, but an unfolding state of presence; a state that is fed by courage and compassion. Coaching from this state catalyzes every coaching interaction and discussion.

Program Benefits:

  • Accelerate clients’ ability to clarify their gifts and talents
  • Move from pleasing and colluding to challenging and enlivening
  • Feed personal and professional growth and effectiveness

Presenter: Eric Kaufmann
Host: Jeff Hull

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