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I am a developmental coach. My focus is the adult stages of development, both cognitive and social-emotional, (with a smidgeon of psychology). My chief asset is curiosity and a willingness to explore myriad ideas and pathways. I help executives and coaches utilize different, on their and other’s attitudes, interpretations, and implementations of/at/in/about – work, life, context, processes, relationships, systems, change, transformation.

My role is that of a safe space critical facilitator – in the sense that coaching is a conversation and open dialogue where inner thoughts can be expressed - meant to stimulate and provoke awareness. Prioritization of self-awareness is my key objective as it feeds into and supports every facet of the mutually beneficial experience of coaching or being coached.

Being heard – which, given receptive listening and respect – unfolds who we are to ourselves through the subtle realization of the effect of listening to our core selves. Being heard, and hearing ourselves express what we did not know we were going to say, is the self-discovery enabler I strive to facilitate. My goal is to “be there” for all developments.

Outcomes are unpredictable, as are the shifts and changes – the process is unceasing and illuminating if one is to stay unstuck. Helping progress my coaching-counterpart’s self-efficacy (a co-product of self-awareness, as is self-worth), is part of the self-discovery journey. Resultant personal/business/work/relationships benefits are there to be harvested.

Credentials: Degrees: M.Appl.Sc The Psychology of Coaching; B.Hons.Psychology; MBA.

Graduate of three coaching schools since 2007. Joined IOC April 2020.