Alejandra Pallamar

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Alejandra Pallamar is a Professional and licensed Psychologist from the Universidad Católica de Chile (Catholic University of Chile) and a Master's Degree in People Management in Organizations from the Universidad Alberto Hurtado (Alberto Hurtado University of Chile)). She is currently a PhD candidate from Boston College School of Social Work (U.S.A). She has several coaching training.

She is an associate professor at the Business School and Social Work School of Alberto Hurtado University, also an associate professor at the School of Psychology at the Regional University of O’Higgins (Chile). She lived in Guatemala for two years (2010 to 2012) and worked at Universidad Rafael Landívar, developing a program to strengthen collaboration skills and confidence in different communities of the country.

She has a long applied career. In the first part of this, she worked in the field of public health in processes of change and mental health on primary health. In the latter, she focused on the development of interpersonal relationship skills, leadership, collaboration and on psychosocial health in the workplace, working as consultant and coach in these areas with public health and education institutions, international organizations, unions and private organizations.

Currently she is professor and supervisor of Organizational Coaching, leadership and organizational studies, and work as a consultant and coach. Her research interests include the promotion of occupational health and the prevention of work-related stress, with special focus on the impact of leadership on both stress prevention and organizational health promotion. She has written articles on coaching model and practice.