Alex Carleton

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As a consultant coach, Alex works with executives and businesses to build organizations that inspire innovation. As a coach, she helps leaders hone their acumen to inspire employees and realize their vision. As a consultant and former software COO, she helps companies and founders build operations and processes that support both the vision and employee engagement and success.

She believes that success requires innovation and innovation requires engaged human beings. Alex works with leaders and their teams throughout to build a framework for supported risk-taking and accountability. When the company vision is articulated clearly, consistently, and passionately, individuals better understand the importance of their role to the company’s success.  They own the vision.

Alex is a strong partner for leaders navigating the complications and stresses of growth and change. She loves coaching entrepreneurs who are scaling to commercial viability, seeking funding, or planning for growth (organic, M&A, or IPO). Clients have been able to recognize more unexpected success during great challenges than they imagined without a sounding board and second perspective.

Her coaching style is direct and efficient, with a touch levity. She’s driven by results and measuring progress.

Alex is also an endurance athlete and embraces the fundamentals of practice, discipline, and setting big, rewarding goals.