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Andreas is a leadership coach, educator, speaker, program faculty member, and independent consultant with over 20 years of practical leadership development experience with executives from more than 50 countries. Andreas has designed, delivered and contributed to numerous leadership development programs for international companies. He has a special focus on high-stakes coaching for senior executives and leadership teams when there is a lot on the line and time is scarce, and facilitates workshops like, High Velocity Coaching: Developing C-Suite Leaders when the Stakes are High together with his friends from the Institute of Coaching.

He is co-editor of the book Tricky Coaching: Difficult Cases in Leadership Coaching; together with Konstantin Korotov, Manfred Kets de Vries and Elizabeth Florent-Treacy, and has collected and reviewed more than a hundred tricky real life leadership coaching cases.

Andreas is executive development advisor and lead coach at ESMT Berlin – the European School of Management and Technology in Germany – which he joined already in its first year of existence and start-up phase. With a focus on leadership development, ESMT Berlin is an international business school founded by CEOs of 25 leading global companies and institutions, like Allianz, Airbus, BMW, Daimler, Lufthansa, Bosch, Siemens, SAP, McKinsey, BCG, etc.. ESMT Berlin now ranks amongst the Top 10 business schools globally for executive education, according to the Financial Times Executive Education ranking 2017.

Andreas is founding member of ESMT’s Center for Leadership Development Research and manages ESMT’s pool of executive coaches. He also co-leads the individual leadership development itinerary of ESMT’s Executive MBA program. In 2016 – for the fifth consecutive year – the ESMT Executive MBA has been ranked first in the world for career progress which compares the career advancement of program graduates (Financial Times Executive MBA ranking). He teaches, coaches and consults in the areas of Leadership, Organizational Behavior, Coaching, Negotiations and Change.

As a keynote speaker and workshop leader, Andreas regularly contributes to top academic and practitioner conferences on topics related to C-suite leadership, and spoke multiple times at events like the International Leadership Association Global Conference or the Society of Consulting Psychology Annual Conference.

He supports the development of executive coaches, e.g. as co-designer and convenor of the now legendary annual ESMT/KDVI Coaching Colloquium, and was co-organizer of the International Coaching Research Forum in Hong Kong, and the 2016 IOC Leadership Forum in Berlin in collaboration with the Institute of Coaching, a Harvard Medical School affiliate.

As an executive coach with the Global Leadership Centre at INSEAD, one of the world’s leading and largest graduate business schools, he is passionate about helping C-level leaders with their transitions from senior executives to thoughtful business leaders.

Based in Europe’s Top Start-up Hub Berlin, Andreas also enjoys coaching Start-up CEOs and their teams in managing critical transition phases, as well as coaching agile leadership teams that operate in high risk environments.

Andreas studied Clinical and Organizational Psychology, Management and Organizational Behavior, holds a Master’s in Psychology, and is an alumnus of INSEAD‘s long-term executive program, Consulting and Coaching for Change.