AnJenette Afridi, MA

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ANJENETTE LLC Intentional Wellbeing is an individualized client centered model of wellbeing integrating a wholehearted approach with the science of wellbeing and evidence based mindful practices.

INHALE EXHALE SMILE® Initiative restores resilience with the transformative powers of mindful practices, self-compassion, kindness, connection, and intention.

AnJenette Afridi, MA is CEO of ANJENETTE LLC Intentional Wellbeing, Founder of INHALE EXHALE SMILE® Initiative, Resilience Coach, and Master Mindfulness Teacher.

AnJenette Afridi, MA has been in private practice for 25 years. AnJenette has worked with corporations, hospitals, health centers, nonprofits, schools, and private clientele including children, teens, adults, seniors, executives, and prenatal. AJ's warmth, credibility, and energetic sense of humor create an atmosphere that supports expansion, creativity, and abundant possibility.

AnJenette's credentials, certifications, and affiliations include but are not limited to:

Master's (MA) Degree Performance Psychology (JFK) 1997 | Awarded Certificate of Honor for Excellence in Master’s Project Research on Motivation | American Psychological Association/Member (APA) 1996 | U-Penn Positive Psychology Certificate | Harvard Medical School Institute of Coaching/Fellow | Coach U Training Program (CTP) 2002-04 | Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher (ERYT-500) 2002 Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP) 2007 | Mindful Schools Educator/Graduate 2017-19 | Harvard Medical School (Herbert Benson, MD) & Lifestyle Medicine CEU’s 2008-21 | Harvard Coaching in Leadership & Healthcare Conferences | UW-Madison Healthy Minds Founders Edition Master Classes | Together Rising/Team Love Member | TED/Member