Anna Barnhill, MCC

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Anna Barnhill is a distinguished professional in the field of executive coaching, business psychology and leadership development. With over 12 years of dedicated experience in enhancing leadership performance, she holds the prestigious designation of ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC). Anna is not just a practitioner but also a passionate advocate for emotional intelligence and authentic leadership, firmly believing in the transformative power of human potential.

Anna's mission centers around empowering leaders to integrate essential qualities such as emotional intelligence, authenticity, effective communication skills and mindfulness into their leadership style. By doing so, she equips them to lead not only with impact but also to lead a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life.

Anna's influence extends beyond her individual coaching practice; she serves as a lead facilitator and instructor for the Leadership and Innovation program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Her expertise is also sought after by renowned publications, where she shares her valuable leadership insights as a contributor to Forbes and a member of the HBR Advisory Council.

In recognition of her exceptional contributions to the field, Anna has earned the distinction of being named one of the Top 15 Coaches in Phoenix in 2023. Her dedication, expertise and commitment to fostering authentic and emotionally intelligent leadership make her a respected figure in the coaching and leadership development community.