Arsenia Corcoba Santamaria

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Arsenia Corcoba Santamaria, CPCC, PCC, is the founder of Tombo Tribe Consulting, where she supports organisational executives as they pursue leadership development and mindset shifts. She also founded The Listening Call, an international volunteer platform offering psychological support to frontline healthcare professionals during the pandemic.

With her Multidimensional Tombo Leadership Tool and other tools, Arsenia designs and facilitates transformational workshops in which participants acquire new leadership skills optimized for today's uncertain and disruptive environment. In these active learning experiences, participants unlock their personal leadership styles and strengths, develop strategic insights for leading their organizations, and lay the foundation for an ongoing journey that increases emotional intelligence and agility.

Overall, Arsenia is deeply committed to fostering impactful conversations at home, at work, and in communities around the world through training, coaching, moderating, and consulting.

Arsenia earned her BA in Business Education with a major in Marketing from GroepT, the Internationale Hogeschool Leuven, with a focus on product and people development. Her coaching expertise is rooted in her training at the Co-Active Training Institute, the Institute of Coaching at McLean (an affiliate/ex-fellow of Harvard Medical School), and extensive martial arts study. She is a Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator, Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC), an Ambassador at Play 4 Peace, recipient of Wyde's 2022 Women In Sports Award, the Top 15 coaches in Brussels in 2023, Influence Digest Media and  ​& Impact leader bridging Brussels, Women100.

When not deploying her thought leadership in workshops and on platforms like Medium, Arsenia enjoys nature, meditation, design, opera, Sumi painting, climbing, surfing, and kendo. She developed her multicultural perspective by living and working in Spain, Japan, and Belgium, where she currently resides.

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