Arsenia Corcoba Santamaria

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Mrs. Corcoba Santamaria is an executive leadership coach and consultant with over 14 years of experience helping people and organizations attain maximum effectiveness. Throughout her professional experience for leading companies in the financial and the diversified technology environments with over EUR 1.5 billion in annual revenue, she challenged herself to develop appealing and effective asset services for financial institutions in this highly competitive market. Her background includes working with CEOs, senior managers, and board of directors of small private companies to multi-billion dollar publicly traded organizations.

Her creativity, multicultural business background, powerful spirit and top athlete kendo experiences in the have boosted her approach in leading projects with different teams and bringing in diverse and inclusive perspectives. The work languages are Spanish, English, Dutch and French. She's also a community member of the Presencing Institute where they create results that serve the wellbeing of all on mother earth.

Cumulatively, her corporate background has led to the foundation of Tombo Tribe Consulting,
the Belgian Co-Active Community, the design & new implementation of the new Mentoring Programme at Professional Women Int., supporting Bepow in the Spanish-speaking countries, Homeward Bound Project, ongoing courageous conversations in universities, governments and the "Listening call" for the front liners in the healthcare system. She represents one of the Women 100 female impact leaders who are bridging in Brussels. She’s deepening and expanding their coaching community both in terms of their diversity and expertise as a council member of The Coaching Fellowship.

With a sharp intuitive sense of people, a highly scientific approach, strong academic and kendo credentials 5th dan, her consulting practice engages and represents the Sustainable Development Goals, commonly known as the Global Goals. She combines neuroscience, Asian insights, high engagement, wellbeing and transformational high performances when there’s a transformation.

Within a fastly strengthening work environment, she helps individuals and Fortune 500 organizations to generate deep conversations with organisations and without taboos, with the aim to create transformational, emotionally intelligent leadership.

Arsenia has worked and lived in Spain, Japan and Belgium where she currently resides.