Betsy Day

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Betsy Day is a trainer, coach and presenter whose focus is on Professional Development at work and in business.

Using her own 5-Step Signature Presence strategy, Betsy transitioned from being a downsized corporate employee to owning her own consulting practice. She knows the ins & outs and ups & downs of stepping out of your comfort zone.

For 20 years, Betsy has been teaching professionals at work and business owners how to rise up and take charge of their Signature Presence (personal brand); so they can stand out and get noticed by the right people for all of the right reasons.

Betsy knows first-hand that business professionals are working hard to achieve success and satisfaction. That is why she is committed to training and coaching her clients in the quickest, most relevant and strategic methods. So they can begin immediately making desired changes and move forward in their career or business.

Why is this important? Expertise and technology alone are not enough. Significant impact comes from engagement – how you communicate and connect with others live and on-line. It’s the balance of what you do and how you do it that matters most.

Inspired by creating a new, dynamic learning experience, Betsy Day, merged the best techniques of developmental training with in-the-moment coaching elements. The result is facilitated “conversations” that make the leap form the training room to the actual workplace.