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Bindu Dadlani is Fellow of the Institute of Coaching, affiliated with McLean Hospital and Harvard Medical School. She holds a Masters degree in Management from Spain. Graduate from Boston University School of Management with a concentration in Finance and Harvard University with a major in e-Commerce obtained psychotherapy training in Germany from renowned Phyllis Krystal´s method. She has been an international delegate from Japan, Spain and the US in Sai World Education Forums in India, Italy, UK and Spain. She is a certified professional coach, guide, mentor and international keynote speaker. Her passion unveils the critical strategies to mastering the mind and its emotions to connect the individual with their heart level ultimately. Bindu integrates eastern meditation and mindfulness techniques into high potential programs; building high-performance leadership skills through innovative, agile and flexible super-conscious mindsets, helping CEOs and corporate teams sharpen attention, memory, concentration and emotional intelligence. Her expertise in positive psychology shines through her talks when she can provide tailor-made solutions real-time.

Bindu focuses on empowering unlimited potential in every mind through unconditional love. Her extensive traveling around the world from a very young age allowed her to master four different languages, experience over 15 different cultures and religions, understanding cross-cultural boundaries. One of the critical essences she brings to the success of any corporation or individual is peaceful conflict resolution by achieving win-win negotiations across different mind-sets. Her techniques and unique method are transforming professionals, men, and women across the world into enlightened beings.

She can provide brilliant game plans and successful strategies to everyday challenges. Bindu helps people discover their essence, live their truth, uncover their hidden potential and transform their visions into realities. Over 30 years of super-conscious work, mindful-research, world travel, spiritual thirst and longing for a more profound sense of life, led Bindu to breakthrough mind power techniques, transforming mental and cognitive processes behind the behavior. The results are transformational as they create a new paradigm, a new way, a life lived in your truth. The sensation is liberating, even miles away - worth experiencing. 

She is also the Director of the Europe-India Chamber of Commerce in the Canary Islands (Spain) based in Brussels. Her private interview with the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, provided her with a unique experience that she incorporates in her leadership and coaching work, business summits, and keynote addresses to top business leaders. She also empowers women to achieve the self-confidence needed to succeed in today´s VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world. Her unique in-depth spiritual know-how on the knowledge of the Self - as many business leaders define it - contains self-management coaching skills to lead in turbulent times.

More the 3,000 power coaching sessions personalized real-time empowering the human mind, to senior executives, lawyers, entrepreneurs, doctors, artists, musicians, start-ups, business professionals and organizations at regional, national and international markets, she helps them re-connect with their Inner Self. Immediate and exponential results after the first session. "The method" teaches from within. Efficient time, money and stress management techniques, improved interpersonal, communication, presentation and team leadership skills, are just some of the benefits of working with her. Through workshops, seminars and conferences, Bindu shares unique personal tools for achieving a balanced personal and professional life, as well as, golden secrets for raising consciousness in the workplace.

Bindu is the daughter of an old timer entrepreneurial Indian family in Spain and part of an extensive international family saga. She now lives in Boston with her husband. You are welcome to book a Power Session or subscribe for her Power Newsletter at where she writes insights on how to control the mind and connect to the Super-Conscious Mind to live the life of your dreams. She has authored seven books, available on her website, Amazon, and iBooks. Subscribe to her podcast on iTunes.

Bindu continuously upgrades her knowledge through meditation, mindfulness, extensive traveling and continuing education.