Brad Fern

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Brad is a licensed psychotherapist, trauma specialist, and certified developmental executive and physician consultant. Self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and trust-based relationships are the foundation of his work. He provides value through a unique blend of “hard” and “soft” skills, using evidence-tested coaching techniques to methodically empower executives and physicians toward higher levels of adult development. His goal is to empower his clients with the structures and the tools to thrive in complex environments.




“Executives and physicians bring their struggles and frustrations to me, and I equip them with the tools needed to face their day-to-day complexities. I use a process called Immunity to Change.”

  • Certified Physician Coach (Physician Coaching Institute)
  • Certified Immunity to Change (ITC) consultant
    • Trained in the ITC Subject Object interview
    • ITC with teams
    • ITC facilitator training
    • ITC 360 assessment
  • Certified Leadership Circle Profile consultant
  • Extensive experience supporting executives and healthcare-industry consultants
  • Steeped in leadership theory
  • Licensed psychotherapist
  • Holds an MA in relational psychology from the Alfred Adler Graduate School in Minnesota and a BA in Mass Communication from the University of Minnesota
  • Educated in Jungian and Adlerian psychological theory
  • Entrepreneurial and leadership experience
  • Nationally certified trauma specialist