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Teacher of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and other secular mindfulness practices to individuals and organizations that seek to improve well-being and effectiveness in work and life. Through various programs, participants learn to access and cultivate their own natural capacity to actively engage in caring for themselves and to find greater balance, ease, and peace of mind.

Offering mindfulness programs in workplaces, schools, retreat centers, health and wellness facilities, centers for marginalized and underserved communities, and as one-on-one coaching. These programs are a complement to traditional medical and psychological treatments in helping to care for a range of physical and emotional conditions. Offered both online and in person.


  • Licensed attorney and qualified mindfulness coach, with over 30 years as a lawyer/executive working in rigorous corporate environments, overlapping with 15 years in the mindfulness arena. Utilizing scientifically tested mindfulness, organizational, interpersonal, and related practices and strategies.
  • Coaching individuals at various stages of their career, including students/interns, high potential individuals just beginning their careers, mid-level professionals, and senior executives. Coaching assignments include working with a range of institutions, including law firms, in-house law departments, and law schools, as well as general corporate profit, non-profit, educational, and health care companies. I also work with those from underrepresented and marginalized communities.
  • Services help my clients reduce stress, anxiety, and burnout, while increasing resilience, compassion, and ethical decision making. From there, clients find themselves to be more effective, focused, and settled, in all aspects of their lives.

In working with people of all backgrounds and beliefs and drawing on my extensive experience practicing law and contemplative practices of mindfulness, the focus of my coaching is on helping clients enhance their own awareness. This perception then allows for better managing change, more ethical decision making, greater resilience and compassion, and reducing stress and burnout. These skills help inform many aspects of work and life.

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