Cecilia Cruz

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Dr. Cecilia Cruz is a board certified Emergency Physician with more than twenty years of clinical practice. She also holds a Masters in Public Health, and she completed a fellowship in International Emergency Medicine and a fellowship in Health Care Quality.  Presently she continues to work clinically on a part-time basis, while she runs her coaching business.


After being confronted by a taxing health situation, Dr. Cruz was compelled to discover a new way of approaching her life that could provide her with more purpose and fulfillment. She realized that for most of her adult life she had been feeling like she was on a never-ending roller coaster ride of demands, obligations, and achievements that were propelled by thoughts of ,“I’ll be happy when…”, that never allowed her to fully enjoy or participate in the moment. In her quest she found coaching which provided her with the possibility of taking part in her life in a much richer and satisfying way. In fact, coaching made such a tremendous impact in her life that she now seeks to advance coaching as a well accepted and valued resource for career satisfaction, personal growth, and wellbeing amongst doctors. She wants to provide doctors with the opportunities and the tools to learn a new framework for engaging with their lives that leads to greater efficiency, impact, fulfillment and happiness. 



Dr. Cruz is a fully certified coach through the Co-Active Training Institute and the International Coaching Federation. She has undergone additional training in Positive Intelligence and Mental Fitness, and she is a fellow of the Institute of Coaching. She is currently also a writer for the blog, Authentic Medicine, where she gives tips on how we can train our brains to find the gift in every moment.