Claudia Salowski

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The coaching and consulting work I do is based on two pillars: my profound education and continuous development and my own experience as a specialist and leader in Communications and Human Resources Learning & Development. After having finalized my University studies in Political Science, German Literature & Media Science, I focused on further education in the areas of training design & delivery, workshop facilitation, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), a profound coaching education in the UK, Systemic Organizational Consulting, Systemic Constellations and a couple of additional trainings. My background is in Human Resources Learning & Development, I started in specialist positions, then took over leadership roles and managed international projects. Especially my work with leaders on the one hand, but also teams on the other hand has helped me in coachings, trainings and workshops to facilitate change processes, to translate and to support the communication and cooperation of those involved with respective tools and methods. I founded SALO® Beratung | Training | Coaching in 2003, and in addition to that, I was one of the Managing Partners of an international coaching company from 2013 till 2018. In October 2018 I started the relaunch of my consulting and coaching company which is now operating under the brand beratungwirkt. (can be translated with: consulting has an impact). I support multinationals and mid sized companies in cultural change and organizational development programs and projects as well as with leadership development programs and trainings, and I provide executive coaching for senior leadership and upper and middle management as well as for (leadership) teams.