Colin Brown

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I am a trusted performance effectiveness catalyst that challenges and enables leaders and organisations to cultivate a deeper insight and understanding into their challenges and spur them on to achieve sustainable improvement and results. I do this through patient, systematic and in-depth surfacing and confronting of their “reality” allowing them to deal with core issues and develop ways to learn to be more effective (through coaching, facilitating and mentoring).

I have a proven track record of contributing to the success of both organisational and individual performance. Diverse experience and skills acquired through senior leadership roles has enabled me to develop insight and become an effective, pragmatic advisor and coach. Having worked within many successful organisations, I have acquired a strong appreciation and empathy for the practical challenges and complexities faced by leaders and their organisations. I adopt an integrated blended approach believing that there is no “cookie cutter” solution to multi faceted problems. I believe passionately that people can achieve more than they think possible when they take ownership and have a clear plan.

In the past, I have worked largely in professional services, and was part of an executive team that built a business into the No 1 position, which we retained for more than 10 years. I have served on many NFP boards and played an active role in advising the SA government on education, HIV-Aids and poverty relief initiatives. I have been the recipient of awards for HR innovation, business media advertising and for contributions to corporate social responsibility. I have also been part of a strategy team tasked with integrating 4 independent banks into one brand that went on to become a successful Global Bank. I have facilitated numerous strategy sessions and assisted in formulating strategies for both in-house and external management teams.

Given my exposure & experience, I have established a consulting practice capitalizing on my core strengths and passion for developing high performance capability of leaders and organisations (past 8 years). I have also advised on business culture, branding and its role in enhancing employee engagement and retention. I have worked with a number of organisations and institutions in a number of sectors including; call centre, education, agriculture, technology, security, manufacturing, retail, education, hospitality, government, banking, and insurance.

Although I have concentrated on being a catalyst to leadership performance through coaching, I am also adept at facilitating skills workshops, business strategies, change & culture management and dealing with resistance to change. I have retained a strong interest in philanthropy and do pro-bono work and assist in coaching prospective job seekers in best practice career management and securing employment.

I am a trained trauma counselor; OD process consultant, MBTI practitioner, and London Tavistock trained executive coach as well as a registered Senior Practitioner on the board of Personnel Practice. I have a Master’s Degree in Business Administration focusing on Business Leadership and a Bachelor’s Degree in Organisational Psychology and Public Administration.