Darcy Wallen

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Founder of Toratherapeutics,® Darcy Wallen is an accomplished musician, performer, social worker, psychotherapist, coach, and educator. Darcy utilizes her rich educational background to augment her natural abilities to inspire and heal. With advanced clinical training in several areas of diagnosis and treatment, Darcy conducts workshops on a wide variety of therapeutic themes.  Her presentations are woven with practical ideas for improving emotional wellbeing, self-regulation, incorporating holistic techniques such as sound healing, neuroscience, and therapeutic meditation. Additionally, by distilling eternal Torah concepts, she creates cutting-edge, research-based practical tools for the lay public. Wallen is very passionate about creating sound healing audio. “NOGA™ Sound Solutions, vol. 1, Listen Your Way to Wellness,” is an album containing various meditations and relaxation recordings under the rabbinic supervision of Rabbi Yehoram Ulman, Av Beis Din, Sydney, Australia.