Dee Holstine Vander Valk PhD CPC ELI-MP

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I'm Dee, Founder & Creator of the Signature TEEwithD™ Pathway Program for Women.  TEE = Transform * Empower * Express your authentic self

I'm a Certified Coach and ELI Master Practitioner, Author, Oxford-trained Speaker, Doctoral Degree-holding Educator, and Leader (soon to be a LeanIn Circle leader of a global group and a Google #IAmRemarkable Facilitator, too, as part of my volunteer work).  I'm bold, authentic, funny, compassionate, creative, warm, and - above all else - curious.

I work with women to develop the skills AND confidence to be fully seen, heard and understood in their private AND public lives, leading to personal and professional transformation, empowerment and eloquence.  I am particularly inspired to help women gain the cultural capital necessary to use their voices at the tables of power, influence, change and choice in the world.

While my current work (as a coach) specializes on women, I have worked extensively across gender, age and culture.  This breadth and depth of experiences means that bring an utterly unique perspective to all of the work I do - and it also means that I am open to new experiences (and discovering the wonder of wondering about others!).

Through my work, I write, speak, coach, consult, educate, innovate and lead - wherever I can find a place to serve, whether it's one-on-one, small or large groups, corporations, governments, NGOs, arts organizations, local, national, international - I'm "worldwide" (as my sons say).

Speaking of which, I have two magnificent sons, soon to be 13 and 16, whom I've homeschooled the entirety of their 'school lives'.  I live in a beautiful heritage house by a river, and I get to spend my summer and fall in the Rocky Mountains of Canada.  My life is blessed.

Finally, I adore words and meeting people - and storytelling and hearing others' stories (see??  people AND words, mixed together!!).