Donna Daigle

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Every human being has a unique voice, a unique perspective, and a unique set of skills and experiences they bring to any given challenge, project, goal, or relationship. Finding that authentic expression of "I" within the greater context of "We", is transformational on an individual level, as well as in any corporate or group dynamic.

Understanding how the mind and the heart work together, and learning techniques and tools to self-regulate and co-regulate response, enables a greater ability to choose balanced solutions in any given situation. Creating a climate of trust and focus towards mutual success, helps down-regulate fear and expands creative abilities. Living from the heart, intelligently, whether professionally or personally, is essential to living a happy and successful life!

Throughout a multidimensional career in broadcasting, creative arts, IT, hospitality, and entrepreneurship, Ms Daigle's mission has always been to have a positive impact on the world and to help others discover their highest expression of their best contribution. A lifetime of experience in transitions has given Donna an expertise in adaptability and creative solutions which she brings to her practice as a personal and professional development coach and life coach, focusing on professional and domestic life balance.
She is certified in many coaching methodologies including: Conversational IntelligenceHeartMath, Taylor Protocols Core Values, Life FocusBehavioral Intelligence, and DreamFire Coaching.

Bringing a fresh and creative approach to business, career, and home life, utilizing both intuitive and cognitive processes, together we can co-create solutions to fit your greatest needs.