Doug Thorpe

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The quality of leadership at all levels of an organization will strategically impact performance and outcome.   My coaching helps leaders uncover and develop what's needed to achieve both individual and organizational goals, using tangible measures for coaching success and involving key stakeholders along the way. You can achieve new heights in leadership that spans the age, culture, and the matrixed priorities of today's organizations.

“Harness the Power of Your Mind’s Attention and Your Heart’s Affection”

This is an unstoppable combination when you achieve perfect alignment. Seldom do leaders make the leap to do both. My coaching helps senior executives, owners, and entrepreneurs find better ways to make this vital connection. With your mind and heart in harmony, you can change a company’s culture and move mountains for new vision and growth. You will find a new ability to inspire rather than just manage those around you.

Bringing 30 years’ experience from military, corporate and non-profit leadership roles and having coached leaders in multiple industries and global locations. I have real-world “been there done that” leadership experience to share with clients today. That actual experience has been augmented with coach training from some of the brightest leadership experts in the world, including John Maxwell, Marshall Goldsmith, Thomas Crane, Doug Silsbee and the Institute of Coaching. Starting with a presence-based approach (tackle “big rocks” first) we move into assessment and evaluation of opportunity for leadership change and growth. know the importance of IQ, EQ and SQ when growing leaders, teams and organizational culture. Using a Personal Purpose Vision Statement creation process, we define the very best future leader YOU can become.