Dr. Johnna Nicole Burns

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Hope, grit, and resilience can be built through neuroscience. With masters and doctoral degrees and post-doctoral work in developmental neurocognition specializing in education and leadership, Dr. J. Nicole Burns has twenty-two years of practical, clinical experience leveraging learning and cognitive science for her students', colleagues', and clients' success. As a specialist in the neuroscience of metacognition, hope, grit, and resilience, she has coached thousands of individuals to overcome trauma and crisis in ways that create a heathier and transformative developmental mindset. She is also the founder and CEO/Executive Director of a multi-state non-profit  501c3 called Higher MindEd, an organization that offers developmental coaching and consulting for especially educators and students in social and emotional learning and trauma-based teaching. Dr. Burns' specialty in creating healing and strengthened positive neural pathways for learning and life leverage a higher purpose for a greater good that has others' cognitive success as her highest goal.